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Let Us Take Your Scrap Metal Off Your Hands

Visit our recycling center in Reno, TX today

When you are searching for a salvage yard to sell your recyclable materials at a fair price, look no further than the Recyclers Depot Metal Buying Center located in Reno, TX. We've been buying and selling scrap metal and other materials for over 70 years.

You don't have to waste your time shopping around at different salvage yards for better pricing. It's our mission to provide you with the best pricing in town. Learn more about our recycling center and services offered in Reno, TX by calling 903-609-1920.

We pride ourselves on our well-maintained salvage yard

When you visit a recycling center or salvage yard, the last thing you want to be met with is a chaotic, messy and unprofessional environment. This makes for a stressful experience that might cause you to leave before purchasing or selling your items.

We want your experience at our salvage yard to be stress-free and pleasant so that you revisit not only for the outstanding pricing, but also for the environment and interaction you have with our well-trained staff. We strive to always provide fair pricing, honesty and transparency.

Choose Recyclers Depot Metal Buying Center today for the best experience and pricing in Reno, TX.


Going green and doing it clean

Do you have scrap metal laying around your garage, ranch or yard? Don't throw it away! At Recyclers Depot Metal Buying Center, your junk is our treasure and you can actually earn cash by selling it at our recycling center. Making extra money on the side is great, but there are also many benefits to disposing of your scrap the greener way.

When you choose to visit a recycling center to dispose of your materials, you are participating in a cause that:

  • Conserves natural resources by reducing the amount of greenhouse emissions
  • Reduces pollution by creating healthier air and decreasing respiratory sickness
  • Conserves energy by making it easier to re-manufacture recycled materials
  • Creates jobs by employing over a million U.S. workers in the recycling industry
Before you consider throwing away your scrap, visit our recycling center in Reno, TX today.